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Bird Tour Calendar for Outer Hebrides and Abroad


Please note that if you're looking at booking an all-inclusive trip in May or June you need to book by January at the latest to be assured of accommodation.


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Day Tours:

Available throughout the year at £60 per person in 2022 (minimum of 2 or £120 for single) / £70 per person in 2023 for 1 -4 people or £60 for 5 - 8 people.

If you'd like to give a day trip as a present to someone then gift certificates are available. These are for two people and can be taken in North Uist, Benbecula and South Uist.


All inclusive tours by season: 2022


North-east Spain: 24th February - 3rd March 2022 (Full) New


Southern Cyprus: 26th March - 2nd April 2022 (spaces)


Extremadura: 16th - 22nd April 2022 (6 spaces)


Corncrake and Skuas: 9th - 15th May 2022 (Full)


Corncrakes and Phalaropes: 23rd - 28th May 2022 (Full)


Shetland: 4th - 11th June 2022 (Full)


Midsummer / Mingulay: 20th - 25th June (3 spaces)


Seabird and Cetaceans: Returning in 2023 - 2nd - 9th July (spaces)


Machaird in Bloom: 16th - 21st July 2022 (5 spaces)


Walking with Wildlife : 1st - 7th August 2022 (6 spaces)


Uist and Harris Autumn Birding: 17th - 23rd September 2022 (6 spaces)


Autumn in the Outer Hebrides: 8th - 14th October 2022 (spaces)


Islay: 7th - 12th November 2022 (Spaces)


All inclusive tours by season: 2023


Corncrake and Skuas: 13th - 19th May (Full)


Corncrake and Phalaropes: 22nd - 27th May (spaces)


Midsummer / Mingulay: 17th - 22nd June (spaces)


Seabirds and Cetaceans: 2nd - 9th July (4 spaces)


Machair in Bloom: 15th - 20th July (7 spaces)


Walking with Wildlife: 14th - 20th August (spaces)



Uist and Harris Autumn Birding: 16th - 22nd September (spaces)


Autumn in the Outer Hebrides: 7th - 13th October (spaces)


Islay: 6th - 11th November (Spaces)


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