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Latest Outer Hebrides Bird and Wildlife Sightings 2020

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4th June:

Lewis: There are now 3 Rose-coloured Starlings in Fivepenny. A juvenile Glaucous Gull was at the Butt.

Benbecula: The juvenile Glaucous Gull is still in Stinky Bay.

South Uist: A Common Redpoll and a Siskin were in Carnan.

Barra: A male Red-backed Shrike was at Bolnabodach this afternoon.


3rd June:

North Uist: The drake Lesser Scaup is still on Loch Sandary. A 2nd cal yr Iceland Gull was at Rubh' Arnal. A Whitethroat, Blackcap, Chiffchaff and Siskin were at Langass Lodge.

Benbecula: A 3rd cal yr Glaucous Gull was in Stinky Bay today.

South Uist: A Common Redpoll was in Carnan.

drake Lesser Scaup, North Uist Lesser Scaup with wings stretched Lesser Scaup, Outer Hebrides drake Lesser Scaup, Outer Hebrides Redshank, adult Redshank chick, Western Isles Lesser Scaup and Redshanks (Steve Duffield)


2nd June:

Lewis: A 2nd cal yr Glaucous Gull was at the Butt this afternoon. A Rose-coloured Starling was seen at Fivepenny, Ness this afternoon.

North Uist: A Blyth's Reed Warbler was reported from Callernish House.

Barra: A 1st summer male Red-breasted Flycatcher was at Creachan this morning; also at least 6 Spotted Flycatchers were seen around the island.

South Uist: A Hawfinch was seen in Askernish.

Insects: 91 moths / 29 species of moths were caught on Eriskay last night including a Buff-tip, Poplar Lutestring, Bee Moth, Burnished Brass, Silver Y, Cinnabar, Carpatolechia notatella, Ancylis subarcuana and Ancylis geminana. In South Glendale moths trapped included 38 Buff Ermine, 1 Silver Hook, 1 Sweet Gale Moth, 2 Elephant Hawk-moths, 1 Buff-tip, 93 Brown Silver-line, 2 Cinnabars, 1 Glaucous Shears, Syndemis musculana, 15 Anania fuscalis, 1 Carpatolechia notatella, 13 Neofaculta ericetella and Caloptilia stigmatella.

 Buff-tip, Outer Hebrides moths Delplanqueia dilutella, Outer Hebrides moths Poplar Lutestring, Outer Hebrides moths Silver Hook, Outer Hebrides moths Sweet Gale, Outer Hebrides moths
Buff-tip, Delplanqueia dilutella, Poplar Lutestring, Silver Hook and Sweet Gale (John Kemp)


1st June:

North Uist: A Spotted Flycatcher was at Callernish House; also 3 Barnacle Geese nearby. A Turtle Dove was at Clachan this evening.

South Uist: A Water Rail was calling at Ardkenneth, by St. Michael's chuch this evening.

Insects: Good numbers of Red Admirals and Painted Ladys are around the islands at the moment with 5 Red Admirals, 2 Painted Ladys in a single garden in Carnan as well as several Common Blues and a Small Heath. 58 moths of 15 species were trapped in Carnan last night including 23 Fox Moths, 3 Elephant Hawkmoths, a Poplar Hawkmoth, a Silver Y and 2 Angle Shades amongst others. In Carinish 106 moths of 29 species were caught. This included 7 Silver Y's, 2 Cinnabar, 10 Fox Moths and the migrant Diamond-back moth amongst others. A Dark Sword-grass was caught at Claddach Baleshare.

Cinnibar moth, Outer Hebrides male Greenfinch Turtle Dove, North Uist Cinnabar moth, Greenfinch and Turtle Dove (Steve Duffield)