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Please note that the sightings below do not reflect the variety of species you can see in a normal day out birding or wildlife watching. These reports concentrate on more unusual species or significant counts or movements.

31st July:

South Uist: Sea-watching at Ardvule early this morning produced the following flying south: 1,369 Gannets, 12 Fulmars, 51 Manx Shearwaters, 1 Storm Petrel, 3 Black Guillemots, 14 Razorbills, 5 Guillemots, flock of 10 Arctic Terns (all local birds now gone) and 7 Golden Plover in off sea. A Whimbrel was also still present.

Colletes floralis Eupeodes corollae Eupeodes corollae Nothern Colletes and Eupeodes corollae (Steve Duffield)


30th July:

Benbecula: 14 Black-tailed Godwits flew south over Loch Mor this afternoon.

Barra: A Magpie was at South Allasdale.

Insects: 295 moths of 47 species were caught in South Glendale last night which included Grey Mountain Carpet, Oblique Carpet, Treble-bar, Pinion-streaked Snout, 4 Scarce Silver Y, Drinker and micros Eudonia murana, Eudonia mercurella, Eudonia truncicolella and Phycitodes saxicola. On Eriskay 143 moths of 44 species were trapped including 3 Chestnut-coloured Carpets, 1 Barred Rivulet, 1 Grass Rivulet, 1 Thyme Pug, 7 Scotch Annulet, 12 Rustic, 1 Pinion-streaked Snout and micros 3 Eana penziana, Cnephasia conspersana and Eudonia mercurella.

Chestnut-coloured Carpet - Outer Hebrides Moths Eudonia mercurella - Outer Hebrides Moths Grey Mountain Carpet - Outer Hebrides Moths Scotch Annulet - Outer Hebrides Moths Treble-bar - Outer Hebrides Moths
Chestnut-coloured Carpet, Eudonia mercurella, Grey Mountain Carpet, Scotch Annulet and Treble-bar (John Kemp).


29th July:

Lewis: The Rose-coloured Starling was still in South Dell today.


27th July:

Lewis: The Rose-coloured Starling was seen in South Dell again this morning.

Insects: 451 moths of 52 species were trapped in South Glendale last night including 2 Scarce Silver Y, 1 Pinion-streaked Snout and 1 Rustic with micros including 2 Catoptria margaritella, 1 Cochylimorpha straminea and 2 Eudonia mercurella.

Sand Martin - Outer Hebrides Birds Swallows - Outer Hebrides Birds Catoptria margaritella - Outer Hebrides Moths Crambus pascuella - Outer Hebrides Moths Ingrailed Clay - Outer Hebrides Moths Pinion-streaked Snout - Outer Hebrides MothsSand Martin and Swallows (Steve Duffield); Catoptria margaritella, Crambus pascuella, Ingrailed Clay and Pinion-streaked Snout (John Kemp)


26th July:

Lewis: The Rose-coloured Starling was seen againl in South Dell today as it has, every day this week.

North Uist: A summer plumage Great Northern Diver was on Loch Brusda, Berneray today.

Insects: 267 mothsof 23 species were caught in South Glendale last night which were mostly True Lover’s Knots but also 2 Rustic, 1 Angle Shades,  1 Burnished Brass and 2 Dotted Clays. At North Loch Eynort 214 moths / 31 species were trapped which included 43 Mottled Beauty, 9 Barred Red, 20 Light Emerald, 2 Riband Wave, 2 Small Fan-footed Wave, 6 Drinker, 1 Coxcomb Prominent, 2 Scarce Silver Y, 7 Dotted Clay, 10 Pandemis cerasana and 2 Eudonia truncicolella.

Eudonia truncicollela - Outer Hebrides Moths Riband Wave - Outer Hebrides Moths Small Fan-footed Wave - Outer Hebrides Moths
Eudonia truncicnolella, Riband Wave and Small Fan-footed Wave (John Kemp)


25th July:

North Uist: A Whimbrel was at Aird an Runair this morning.

Marine Sightings: At least 8 Risso's Dolphins were seen off the east side of Ronay from the Lady Anne this afternoon.

Insects: 580 moths of 59 species were trapped in Carinish last night including a Sallow Kitten.

Sallow Kitten - Outer Hebrides Moths White-tailed Eagle - Outer Hebrides Birds Risso's Dolphins - Outer Hebrides Mammals Risso's Dolphins - Outer Hebrides Mammals Risso's Dolphin  - Outer Hebrides Mammals Risso's Dolphin and calf - Outer Hebrides Mammals
Sallow Kitten, White-tailed Eagle and Risso's Dolphins (Steve Duffield)


24th July:

South Uist: A Whimbrel was on the coast at Stoneybridge today.

Insects: A Painted Lady butterfly was at North Loch Eynort and another was at Stoneybridge.


23rd July:

Manx Shearwater  - Outer Hebrides Birds Manx Shearwater - Outer Hebrides Birds Manx Shearwaters (Steve Duffield)


22nd July:

Lochboisdale - Oban: An immature Pomarine Skua was seen from the ferry early this afternoon.

Storm Petrel - Outer Hebrides Birds Manx Shearwater - Outer Hebrides Birds Manx Shearwater - Outer Hebrides Birds Storm Petrel and Manx Shearwaters (Steve Duffield)

21st July:

South Uist: Ardvule this morning produced a southerly movement of 889 Gannets, 277 Manx Shearwaters, 57 Fulmars, 7 Storm Petrels, 2 Great Skuas, 2 Arctic Skuas, 18 Puffins, 1 Black Guillemot, 37 Razorbills, 35 Guillemots and 49 Auk sp.

Late news of a drake King Eider off North Rona on 22nd June.


20th July:

Insects: 774 moths of 41 species were trapped on Daliburgh machair last night including 2 Mottled Rustic, 7 Archer’s Dart, 1 Silver Y, 471 Pretty Pinion, 8 Barred Rivulet, 133 Lime-speck Pugs, 1 Rush Veneer, 1 Diamond-back Moth, 5 Celypha striana, 1 Scoparia pyralella and 1 Pleurota bicostella. In South Glendale 629 moths of 50 species were trapped which included 324 True Lover’s Knot, 2 Scarce Silver Y, 2 Dotted Clay, 2 Snout, 10 Narrow-winged Pugs, 1 Grey Pug, 3 Foxglove Pugs, 1 Rush Veneer, 1 Aphelia paleana and 3 Eudonia murana. A Beautiful Carpet was found on at Ardivachar this morning.

Beautiful Carpet - Outer Hebrides Moths Aphelia paleana - Outer Hebrides Moths Scoparia pyralella - Outer Hebrides Moths Barred Rivulet - Outer Hebrides Moths
Beautiful Carpet (Chris Johnson); Aphelia paleana, Scoparia pyralella and Barred Rivulet (John Kemp)

Celypha striana - Outer Hebrides Moths Mottled Rustic - Outer Hebrides Moths Scarce Silver Y - Outer Hebrides Moths White-tailed Eagle
Celypha striana, Mottled Rustic and Scarce Silver Y (John Kemp); White-tailed Eagle (Steve Duffield)


19th July:

North Uist: A single Black-tailed Godwit was on Loch Paible today.

Insects: 296 moths of 42 species were trapped in South Glendale last night including a worn Small Dotted Buff, as well as a Dark Sword-grass and Diamond-back Moth plus an odd form of White Ermine known as ab. godarti. 355 moths of 50 species were caught in Carinish including a Diamond-back and a Dark Sword-grass. A Hummingbird Hawkmoth was seen at Ardivachar today; and it or another was also there on 17th.

Small Dotted Buff - Outer Hebrides Moths White Ermine of the from ab.godarti - Outer Hebrides Moths Small Dotted Buff and White Ermine (John Kemp)


18th July:

Lewis: A Rose-coloured Starling was in South Dell today.

North Uist: The immature Iceland Gull was still at Aird an Runair.

South Uist: Seawatching at Ardvule this morning produced a southerly passage of 3 Great Northern Divers, 1423 Gannets, 21 Storm Petrels, 724 Manx Shearwaters, 67 Fulmars, 65 Razorbills, 18 Guillemots, 41 Auks sp., 2 Black Guillemots, 12 Puffins. Also 2 Great Skuas flew north and one south. A Red-necked Phalarope was at Balgarva this afternoon. 57 Black-tailed Godwits were at Eochar and 6 were at Loch an't-Saile along with a male Ruff.

Manx Shearwater - Outer Hebrides Birds Great Northern Diver - Outer Hebrides Birds Merlin - Outer Hebrides Birds Manx Shearwater, Great Northern Diver and Merlin (John Kemp)


16th July:

Insects: 2 Scotch Annulets were caught on Eriskay last night. Spectacular sight of around 4,500 Magpie Moths fluttering about over the heather in South Glendale at 0630 hrs this morning; also 4 Six-spot Burnets, 6 Yellow Shell, Large Heath, 4 Small Heath, 6 Meadow Brown, 2 Dark Green Fritillaries and 8 Common Blue in the afternoon.

Marine Sightings: A Minke Whale and a handful of Harbour Porpoise were seen from the Uig - Lochmaddy ferry this afternoon.

Merlin - Outer Hebrides Birds Six-spot Burnet - Outer Hebrides Moths Merlin and Six-spot Burnet (John Kemp)


15th July:

Insects: 228 moths of 37 species were trapped in South Glendale last night including a Phiaris schulziana. On Daliburgh machair 70 moths of 14 species were caught including a single Map-winged Swift, Common Rustic, 2 Archer’s Darts, 10 Lime-speck Pugs, 2 Wormwood Pugs and 37 Pretty Pinions.

Common Rustic - Outer Hebrides Moths Phiaris schulziana - Outer Hebrides Moths Common Rustic and Phiaris schulziana (John Kemp)


14th July:

Insects: Moths trapped last at North Loch Eynort include 215 moths / 32 species including 6 Barred Red, 7 Light Emerald, 9 Brimstone Moths, 1 Poplar Lutestring, 1 Buff-tip, 21 Drinkers, 2 Coxcomb Prominent, 2 Iron Prominent, 7 Poplar Hawk-moths single Common and Grey Pug. Micros included 2 Notocelia uddmanniana and 29 Pandemis cerasana. At South Glendale 175 moths / 37 species were caught including a very late Puss Moth, 21 Drinkers, 2 Small Square-spots, 1 Straw Dot, 1 Light Arches and micros Notocelia cynosbatella, 2 Notocelia uddmanniana, Pyla fusca and Evergestis pallidata.

Buff Tip - Moths of the Outer Hebrides Coxcomb Prominent - Outer Hebrides Moths Iron Prominent - Outer Hebrides Moths Fox Moth - Outer Hebrides Moths Notocelia uddmanniana - Outer Hebrides Moths
Buff Tip, Coxcomb Prominent, Iron Prominent, Fox Moth and Notocelia uddmanniana (John Kemp)


13th July:

North Uist: The Little Stint was at Aird an Runair again this morning.

Insects: Moths and butterflies seen in South Glendale today include 3 Micropterix aruncella, 3 Glyphipterix thrasonella, 1 Bryotropha terrella, 4 Aphelia viburnana, 1 Evergestis pallidata, 3 Silver Y as well as a Dark Green Fritillary and a Ringlet.

Arran Carpet Moths of the Outer Hebrides Evergestis pallidata - Moths of the Outer Hebrides Glyphipterix thrasonella - Moths of the Outer Hebrides
Arran Carpet, Evergestis pallidata and Glyphipterix thrasonella (John Kemp)


12th July:

South Uist: 428 Manx Shearwaters, 4 Storm Petrels, 366 Gannets, 2 Common Scoter, 2 Pomarine Skuas and a Great Skua flew south at Ardvule early this morning; the Whimbrel was also still present. A Siskin is in South Glendale.

Pomarine Skua Outer Hebrides Birds Pomarine Skua Outer Hebrides Birds Pomarine Skuas (John Kemp)


11th July:

South Uist: 28 Storm Petrels and 219 Manx Shearwaters flew south past Ardvule early this morning.


10th July:

North Uist: A 1st summer Iceland Gull and a Little Stint were at Aird an Runair today.

South Uist: A Whimbrel is hanging around the Balgarva / Loch Bee area.


9th July:

Insects: Moths and butterflies on Daliburgh machair today included 6 Silver Y, 1 Cinnabar, 3 Middle-barred Minor and 24 Grass Rivulets while micros included 13 Micropterix aruncella and 10 Epiblema costipunctana. Also seen were Meadow Brown and 3 Common Blues.


8th July:

Marine Sightings: Around 6 Common Dolphins were seen from the Lochmaddy - Uig ferry this afternoon.


7th July:

Lewis: A pair of Whinchats are feeding young in Carloway. Late news of an immature Great Spotted Woodpecker in Gress on 4th July. Also late news of a Rose-coloured Starling briefly in New Garrabost on 5th July.

South Uist: 16 Storm Petrels flew south past Ardvule this morning.

Great Spotted Woodpecker Outer Hebrides Birds Red-necked Phalarope Outer Hebrides Birds
Great Spotted Woodpecker (James MacDonald); Red-necked Phalarope (Steve Duffield)


6th July:

Insects: A Bordered Straw was seen at Cheese Bay, North Uist today. Also a Painted Lady and Red Admiral were in Lochmaddy. 305 moths of 47 species were trapped in South Glendale last night including 81 Buff Ermines and the migrant micro moths; Rush Veneer and Daimondback.

Bordered Straw Moths of the Outer Hebrides Bordered Straw Moths of the Outer Hebrides Rush Veneer Outer Hebrides Moths Shark Outer Hebrides Moths
Bordered Straw (Steve Duffield); Rush Veneer and Shark (John Kemp)


5th July:

North Uist: A male Blackcap was in Carinish today. a Crossbill was at Langass Wood.

South Uist: 5 Storm Petrels were picked up flying south at Ardvule early this morning; also 155 Manx Shearwaters, 1 Great Northern Diver, 3 Red-throated Divers and a Great Skua heading south. A Whitethroat was in South Glendale

Insects: At least 4 Bordered White moths, a female Drinker and a Common Wave were seen at Langass Wood today. Painted Ladies were seen at Ardivachar, Frobost and Ormiclate. Red Admirals were at Carinish and Ardivachar. 4 Micropterix aruncella were seen in South Glendale and 2 Silver Y's were also there.

Hen Harrier Outer Hebrides Birds Micropterix aruncella Moths of the Outer Hebrides Hen Harrier and Micropterix aruncella (John Kemp)


3rd July:

North Uist: a Whimbrel was in Carinish today.

Insects: A Red Admiral was in Carinish this evening. Moth trapping at Carnan last night produced 81 moths / 18 species. A Thyme Pug was trapped in South Glendale last night.

Thyme Pug Thyme Pug (John Kemp)


2nd July:

South Uist: 4 Whimbrel were at Ardvule this afternoon.


1st July:

South Uist: An immature male Golden Oriole was in South Glendale this morning.

Insects: Moth trapping in South Glendale produced 216 moths / 44 species including Sweet Gale, 2 Dark Brocade, 3 Heart & Dart, 6 Drinker, 7 Map-winged Swifts, 59 Buff Ermine, 1 Elephant Hawk-moth, 12 Narrow-winged Pugs, 1 Grey Pug, 13 Green Carpet, 1 Pretty Pinion, Cinnabar and a wide selection of micros: Gynnidomorpha permixtana, Hedya atropunctana, Phiaris schulziana, 4 Falseuncaria ruficiliana, Rhopobota stagnana, 2 Ancylis geminana, Ancylis unguicella, Pleurota bicostella. On Eriskay 188 moths / 32 species including 3 Poplar Lutestring, 2 Northern Rustic, 3 Dark Brocade, 88 Buff Ermine, 30 White Ermine, Cinnabar, Grass Rivulet, micro moths included Agapeta hamana, 6 Ancylis subarcuana, Eana penziana, Bactra furfurana, Eudonia mercurella. The first Large Heath was at Muir of Aird, Benbecula today.

Red-necked Phalarope Outer Hebrides Birds Cinnibar Moth Sweet Gale Moth
Red-necked Phalarope (Steve Duffield); Cinnibar and Sweet Gale (John Kemp)