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Latest Outer Hebrides Bird and Wildlife Sightings 2020

January February March  Archive

30th April:

South Uist: A female King Eider was reported with a small group of Eiders in the south bay at Ardvule at 08:40 am although not subsequently. 11 Pink-footed Geese and 10 Greylag Geese heading north-west off Ardvule; also 10 Whimbrel and 15 White Wagtails there. The pair of Pintail and 4 Black-tailed Godwits were on Bornish machair.

Barra: The Magpie (2nd for Outer Hebrides) is now in Castlebay.


29th April:

Lewis: A Grasshopper Warbler was singing at Newmarket, Stornoway this morning and good numbers of Cuckoos are calling in South Lochs.

North Uist: Sedge Warblers were singing at Claddach Kirkibost and Loch Sandary this morning. 42 Arctic Terns were resting on the rocks at Rubha Raghnail.

Insects: A Great Yellow Bumblebee was seen in Carinish this afternoon.

Great Yellow Bumblebee, Outer Hebrides Small Tortoiseshell butterfly, Outer Hebrides Green-veined White butterfly, Outer Hebrides Puss Moth, Harris
Great Yellow Bumblebee, Small Tortoiseshell and Green-veined White (Steve Duffield); Puss Moth (Bridget Miller Mundy)


28th April:

North Uist: A male Blackcap was at Claddach Baleshare this morning. A Corncrake was calling at Balemore this afternoon.

South Uist: A Magpie was seen in Daliburgh and also at Ardnamonie. A Corncrake was also calling at Ardnamonie.

Magpie, South Uist Magpie (Heather Beaton)


27th April:

Lewis: 4 Sand Martins were by Sand Street, Stornoway.

North Uist: 15 Black-tailed Godwits and a couple of Whimbrel were on Baleshare this morning. A Cuckoo was seen at Scotvein, Grimsay.


26th April:

Lewis: 2 House Martins were seen in Shulisader.

North Uist: 2 adult Little Gulls flew north-west, before turning south-west towards Balivanich; over the North Ford off Carinish late this afternoon; also 5 Pink-footed Geese were in the area.

Goldfinch Goldfinch (John Love)


25th April:

Lewis: 30+ Pink-footed Geese were in Ness today.

North Uist: 3 Arctic Skuas were on the North Ford off Carinish this afternoon; also 5 Pink-footed Geese in Carinish.

South Uist: 2 Tree Sparrows were still in South Glendale today.

Barra: At least 3 Grasshopper Warblers and several Sedge Warblers were at Brevig today; also an obvious influx of White Wagtails here.

Insects: A Small Tortoiseshell was in Carinish. 2 Peacocks, a Small Tortoiseshell and several Green-veined White butterflies were seen at Carnan.


24th April:

North Uist: An Arctic Skua and 3 Whimbrel flew north-west at Carinish this afternoon.

Benbecula: A 1st yr Little Gull was feeding in Stinky Bay this morning before flying over to Loch Mor; also a Whimbrel and Black-tailed Godwit were present. 20 Whimbrel were at Griminish and the Little Gull was still on Loch Mor this afternoon. 7 Whimbrels were seen at Borve Point; also lots of White Wagtails around. A Cuckoo was in Torlum.

South Uist: 2 Tree Sparrows, a female Blackcap and a Cuckoo were in South Glendale. The 2nd summer Little Gull was still at Ardvule in the morning along with 20 Whimbrel, a Snow Bunting and 30 White Wagtails. 22 Black-tailed Godwits and a pair of Pintail were on Bornish machair.

Insects: A Dark Sword-grass, Emperor Moth, Hebrew Character, 2 Clouded Drab and 7 Red Chesnut were caught in Carinish last night. 6 Puss Moths, 2 Dark Sword-grass, 3 Clouded Drab, 2 Acleris rufana, 1 Acleris hastiana, 7 Acleris hyemana, 1 Epinotia immundana and an Agonopterix subpropinquella were trapped in South Glendale.

Little Gull, Benbecula 1st yr Little Gull Little Gull, Stinky Bay Tree Sparrows Golden Eagle and Ravens 2nd summer Little Gull
Little Gull (Steve Duffield); Tree Sparrows and Golden Eagle with Ravens (John Kemp); Little Gull (Andrew Stevenson)

Great Northern Diver Great Northern Diver (Ted)


23rd April:

North Uist: 4 Pink-footed Geese are still in Carinish and a Black-tailed Godwit was also there briefly.

South Uist: A 2nd summer Little Gull was in the south bay at Ardvule. 47 Black-tailed Godwits and a pair of Pintail were on Bornish machair.

Barra: 50 Pink-footed Geese flew north over Brevig in the afternoon and 2 Tree Sparrows were present.

Insects: 55 moths of 9 species were caught in South Glendale last night including: 13 Hebrew Character, 18 Red Chestnut, 1 Early grey, 1 Dark Sword-grass, 1 Puss Moth, 16 Brown Silver-line, 3 Acleris hyemana, 1 Agonopterix subpropinquella and one Eudonia angustea. 10 male Belted Beauties were seen at Mol Greannach, Baleshare today.

Eudonia angustea Puss Moth male Hen Harrier, Outer Hebrides Greenland Wheatear, Outer Hebrides
Eudonea angustea and Puss Moth (John Kemp); Hen Harrier and Wheatear (Steve Duffield)


22nd April:

North Uist: 8 Black-tailed Godwits were on Baleshare and a Great Skua flew north-west over the island this afternoon.

South Uist: 8 Brent Geese, a Sandwich Tern, 4 Arctic Terns, 12 Whimbrel and 26 White Wagtails were at Ardvule. A female Pintail and 47 Black-tailed Godwits were on Bornish machair.

Barra: Grasshopper Warbler, House Martin and Siskin new in at Brevig today.

Insects: A male and female Belted Beauty were seen on Baleshare.

female Belted Beauty, Outer Hebrides Belted Beauty (Steve Duffield)


21st April:

North Uist: A Sedge Warbler was singing in Carinish this evening; also 4 Pink-footed Geese and 3 Swallows were seen. 32 Brent Geese arrived at Bayhead this evening at 19:35.

Benbecula: A 2nd cal yr Ring-billed Gull was in Nunton this morning.

Ring-billed Gull Ring-billed Gull, Outer Hebrides Ring-billed Gull, Benbecula Ring-billed Gull (Steve Duffield)


20th April:

North Uist: 3 Black-tailed Godwits were on Baleshare. 2 Whimbrel and 4 Pink-footed Geese are in Carinish. 25 Arctic Terns and 4 Little Terns were on the North Ford, off Carinish this evening. A Cuckoo was at Ben Risary plantation.

South Uist: An Arctic Skua and 2 Arctic Terns were on the South Ford this afternoon. At Ardvule / Bornish today a Lapland Bunting flew over; whilst 8 pale-bellied Brent Geese, 10 Sand Martins, 2 Swallows, 8 Whimbrel, 12 Black-tailed Godwits, 8 White Wagtails, 1 Common Sandpiper, 2 Arctic terns and a single Arctic Skua were seen.

Barra: 3 Cuckoos were in Castlebay this morning.

Insects: A Powdered Quaker was trapped in Carinish last night; along with 19 Hebrew Characters and 11 Red Chestnuts.  2 Early Grey, 1 Clouded Drab, 11 Red Chestnut, 30 Hebrew Character, 1 Brown Silver-line, 6 Acleris hyemana and a single Acleris hastiana were caught in South Glendale. A Peacock butterfly was in Carinish again today and the first Green-veined White was also there.

Powdered Quaker Acleris hastiana immature Golden Eagle, Outer Hebrides Kestrel
Powdered Quaker (Steve Duffield); Acleris hastiana (John Kemp); Golden Eagle and Kestrel (Steve Duffield)


19th April:

North Uist: The Goldcrest and 2 Pink-footed Geese are still in Carinish. At least 22 Arctic Terns were on the North Ford off Carinish this evening.

Benbecula: A Little Egret was at Loch Fada. 13 Black-tailed Godwits were at Loch Mor.

South Uist: A Brambling was in Carnan this morning.

Barra: The Hawfinch was at Brevig and a Cuckoo was also in the area.

Insects: A Peacock butterfly was seen in Carinish again today.

Shelduck Willow Warbler Shelduck and Willow Warbler (Steve Duffield)


18th April:

North Uist: A Lapland Bunting, 2nd winter Glaucous Gull and 2 juvenile Iceland Gulls were at Rubh' Arnal; also at least 4 Whimbrel, 9 pale-bellied Brent Geese, 2 Little Terns and a few White Wagtails in the area. 2 Common Redpolls, a Goldcrest and 4 Pink-footed Geese were in Carinish. 4 White-fronted Geese were at Claddach Kirkibost.

Barra: The Hawfinch was still in Brevig this morning.

Insects: 3 Hebrew Charcaters and 3 Red Chestnuts were trapped at Carnan last night. 5 male and a female Belted Beauty were seen at Howbeg this afternoon.

Belted Beauty moths male Belted Beauty, Outer Hebrides Belted Beauty moths (John Love)


17th April:

Lewis: A Blackcap was singing in the Castle Grounds today. 300 Pink-footed Geese flew north over Port of Ness.

North Uist: At least 17 Arctic Terns were on the North Ford off Carinish this evening.

Benbecula: 12 Black-tailed Godwits were in fields west of Loch Mor. 6 Black-tailed Godwits and 9 Pink-footed Geese were on the machair near Coot Loch.

South Uist: 3 redpolls, probably Common were seen at Carnan. 30 Black-tailed Godwits were at the north end of Loch Bee. An Arctic Skua was seen circling over Carnan late afternoon. 3 Whimbrel were at Ardmicheal.

Barra: A Hawfinch was seen in Brevig this evening.

Insects: A Peacock butterfly was seen in Carinish this afternoon. 2 Peacocks were also seen in South Glendale.

Peacock butterfly, Outer Hebrides Peacock Butterflies, North Uist Peacock (Steve Duffield)


16th April:

Lewis: At least 500 Pink-footed Geese flew north over Ness this morning and 37 Black-tailed Godwits were on Fivepenny machair.

North Uist: A Chiffchaff was singing in Carinish this morning; also a Swallow and Water Rail there. 5 Arctic Terns, 2 Common Terns and 2 Little Terns were on the North Ford; also a Pink-footed Goose was in Carinish.

South Uist: A Wood Pigeon was at Carnan this morning. 3 Whimbrel, 6 White Wagtails, 2 Sand Martins, a Swallow, 100 Black-tailed Godwits, a pair of Pintail and 60 Brent Geese were at Ardvule / Bornish.

Barra: A Common Sandpiper was seen at Morghan.

Insects: 14 Red Chestnut, 12 Hebrew Character, 1 Early Grey, 2 Brown Silver-line, Acleris hyemana and Agonopterix yeatiana were trapped in South Glendale last night.

Agonopterix yeatiana Outer Hebrides Red Chestnut Outer Hebrides Brown Silver-line, Outer Hebrides
Agonopterx yeatiana, Red Chestnut and Brown Silver-line (John Kemp)


15th April:

Large numbers of Redwings are still around.

North Uist: An Arctic Skua flew south-east over Carinish this afternoon; also 3 Whimbrel there aswell as 2 Arctic Terns and a Common Tern over the North Ford.

Benbecula: A White Wagtail was in Balivanich.

South Uist: Around 80 pale-belled Brent Geese were on the South Ford off Carnan this morning. 3 Pink-footed Geese are at Snishival.

Pink-footed Geese, South Uist Pink-footed Geese, Snishival Pink-footed Geese (John Love)


14th April:

Lewis: A Glaucous Gull was seen on the beach at North Galson.

North Uist: 90 Barnacle Geese flew north-west over Claddach Baleshare early this morning. 3 Pink-footed Geese were in Carinish this morning.

South Uist: 3 Pink-footed Geese were at Snishival today (and on 12th). 70 pale-bellied Brent Geese were on the shore at Ardivachar today.

Pink-footed Geese pale-bellied Brent Geese, Ardivachar
Pink-footed Geese (John Love); pale-bellied Brent Geese (Joe Newman)


13th April:

Lewis: A Common Sandpiper was seen in Carloway.

North Uist: 2 Little Terns, an Arctic Tern and a Common Tern are on the North Ford, off Carinish. A Blackcap and Willow Warbler were in a garden in Sollas this morning. 2 Swallows were in Carinish this evening.

South Uist: 63 Barnacle Geese flew north through South Glendale at 07:30 followed by 122 pale-bellied Brent Geese at 12:25; also a Siskin present there.


12th April:

Lewis: A Common Crane was seen in Garrabost today.

North Uist: A Swallow was in Carinish first thing this morning. 2 Little Terns were on the North Ford off Carinish today.

Benbecula: A 3rd cal yr Glaucous Gull, 90+ Black-tailed Godwits and 3 Pintail (2 f, 1 m) were at Loch na Meallaird; also 17 Barnacle Geese flew north there. 40 Black-tailed Godwits were also at Loch Bailfinlay. A 2nd cal yr Glaucous Gull was on Coot Loch. Good numbers of Wheatears and Willow Warblers are around. A Chiffchaff was singing in Uachdar and a Pink-footed Goose was also there.

Little Grebe nesting Skylark, Outer Hebrides Little Grebe and Skylark (Steve Duffield)


11th April:

South Uist: A Swallow was seen in Eochar today.


10th April:

North Uist: 360 Barnacle Geese flew north-west over Carinish this morning; also a Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff, Whimbrel and Pink-footed Goose present. A Willow Warbler was at Claddach Baleshare and 38 Barnacle Geese flew north-west there early morning. Another 80 Barnacle Geese also passed north-westards over Claddach Baleshare around lunchtime.

Benbecula: Over 2,000 Golden Plover were seen between Lionacleit and Borve today; also a Sand Martin was seen in Culla Bay.

South Uist: 170 Barnacle Geese passed Ardivachar this morning.

Insects: 71 moths /8 species were caught in South Glendale last night including 51 Hebrew Characters, 1 Dark Sword-grass, 1 Clouded Drab and 6 Early Grey; plus micro-moths Acleris rufana, 9 Acleris Hyemana, 1 Agonopterix subpropinquella and an Emmelina monodactyla.

Willow Warbler, Outer Hebrides Willow Warbler, Outer Hebrides Dark-sword Grass, Outer Hebrides Clouded Drab, Outer Hebrides Acleris rufana, Outer Hebrides Emmelina monodactylaWillow Warbler (Steve Duffield); Dark Sword-grass, Clouded Drab, Aleris rufana and Emmelina monodactyla (John Kemp)


9th April:

North Uist: 350 - 400 Barnacle Geese and 4 Pink-footed Geese were at Scolpaig this morning. Hundreds of Redwings were down the west side of North Uist. A Chiffchaff and Goldcrest were at Bayhead. 3 Pink-footed Geese were at Cnoc a Lin. A Common Tern was on the North Ford, off Carinish this afternoon.

South Uist: 6 Pink-footed Geese were in roadside fields at Kilbride today.


8th April:

Benbecula: 3 Pintails (a drake and 2 females) were on Loch na Meallaird.

South Uist: A Willow Warbler, 2 Chiffchaffs, a Goldcrest and 55 Redwings were in South Glendale.

Barra: A Sandwich Tern was seen off Brevig.

Willow Warbler, South Glendale Goldcrest Willow Warbler and Goldcrest (John Kemp)


7th April:

Golden Eagle, Outer Hebrides Golden Eagle (John Kemp)


6th April:

Benbecula: At least 1 Glossy Ibis is still at Loch Bailfinlay; also 17 Whooper Swans were there.

South Uist: A Red Kite was seen heading north-east towards Stoneybridge waterworks this morning; just north of Mid Loch Ollay.

Marine Sightings: 2 Common Dolphins were found beached at the bottom of South Glendale today. They were still alive and a couple of locals managed to return them to the sea.

Common Dolphin Common Dolphins Common Dolphins and one of rescuers (John Kemp)


4th April:

Outer Hebrides: Masses of Redwings around at the moment.

Benbecula: 2 Glossy Ibis were seen at Loch Bailfinlay this afternoon.


3rd April:

North Uist: 96 Greenland White-fronted Geese and 24 Whooper Swans were resting at Scolpaig late morning. A Wheatear was seen at Sctovein, Grimsay. A Wheatear was in Carinish. 5 Brent Geese flew west over the North Ford off Carinish this evening.

Benbecula: A Wheatear was seen at Market Stance.

South Uist: 21 Whooper Swans, 43 Greenland White-fronted Geese and 17 Black-tailed Godwits were by Loch Ardvule. 37 Brent Geese flew north past Ardvule; also 3 Wheatears there.


2nd April:

North Uist: 10+ Lesser Redpolls and a male Siskin were in Langass Wood.

Lesser Redpoll Lesser Redpoll (Steve Duffield)